Growing organic lettuce and peppers using compost

My organic lettuce & peppers

I hope you’ve already seen the video I made last week when I planted lettuce. One week later, after using the compost, they look like this 🙂
Ya vieron el video que hice la semana pasada de mis lechugas. Una semana mas tarde mis lechugas con composta lucen asi:

As an experiment, I planted these the same day in unfertilized dirt, without compost.You be the judgeComo experimento, sembre esta misma cocecha el mismo dia y directo en la tierra SIN COMPOSTA.juzgue ud:

These are two pepper plants (Ajicitos Cachuca same we use in Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic). One does not have compost, the other one does. Can you guess which is which but the size of the fruit?.. giggles….Estas son dos matitas de Ajicitos Cachucha…los mismos que usamos en Sto Dgo. Uno NO tiene composta…el otro si. Pueden adivinar
cual es cual y quizas solo por el tamaño de la frutita? <gigles>

And the following picture shows the amount of peppers I am letting vine ripe in order to collect the seeds which are 100% organic. If you are interested in planting these peppers (they taste delicious in “sofrito and soups”) please step into my office.. LOL..

Y la siguiente foto les muestra la cantidad de ajicitos que estoy dejando madurar directo en la mata para colectar SEMILLAS 100%
ORGANIC. Los interesados en sembrar estos ajicitos (riquisimos k son en sofrito o en asopao) por favor pase por mi oficina lol

Goodness, you don’t have a clue of the pleasure and satisfaction I feel when I see the results turned out better than I ever expected. To grow organic products means giving life once again to a barren land that would not produce again. I feel peace with God knowing I am doing the right thing. Please keep checking the website for more pictures of the vegetable garden I am growing in my yard.

Fiuuuu– no saben el GUSTO y la satisfaccion que siento cuando veo resultados MEJORES QUE LOS QUE YO ESPERABA a taaaaannnto trabajo que estoy haciendo. Crecer organic para mi significa darle VIDA a una tierra muerta que ya no daba nada. Me siento algo asi en Paz con Dios y que estoy haciendo lo correcto. Mas adelante les traere mas pics del huge hortaliza (vegetable garden) q estoy haciendo aqui al lado de la casa.
Until then…nite nite for today…me tengo k ir a sembrar unos tomates
y hacer otro semillero de lechugas pa’ que antes de cocechar estas de la
foto ya llevar las otras un poquito grandecitas =)

These are the same seeds I sell in my


3 thoughts on “Growing organic lettuce and peppers using compost

  1. i am trying to grow ajicitos for the first time i am from the north east us and the weather is still cool i hope all goes well. as for your plants they look fantistic and any feed back you can give will be greatly appriciated ty and good luck this season

  2. If weather is too cold, you can get your seeds started indoors and in good compost mixed with soil. Keep soil moist but not wet. Place seed tray in a sunny window where they can receive the morning sun. Once germinated wait until you see the second set of leaves then thin to one plant per container. Lots of people like to thin vegetables like this in 4 oz plastic cups previously perforated for drainage.

    In the meantime, you may want to start getting the site ready for transplant. Sweet peppers/ajicitos like raised beds, warm soil and good drainage. I find these pepper variety does better when not planted in full sun, but then again…I live in Puerto Rico where full sun means hot hot hot way to hot. I plant my ajicitos on either side of my house where they receive only 1/2 day of sun. This will be the east or west side of the house.

    Ajicitos plants like to be mulched, they love compost and they want you to pick the fruits when fully developed. The more ajicitos you pick the more the plant will produce year round.

    You can also grow ajicitos in large containers (1 plant per pot). They make beautiful garden plants, otherwise transplant directly on the ground 24 inches apart in rows of about 4 feet distance.

    To buy seeds:
    Thanks for you comment! 🙂

  3. esta muy interesante tus fotos, tus hijitos de verdura, y tu folosofia de la vida.

    La revolucion verde, o las empresas socialmente responsables, son las que deberian hacer un poco mas de esfuerzo para devolverle a la naturaleza lo que le han robado.

    nosotros como individuos, tenemos una responsabilidad social, y esto que haces me gusta mucho.

    voy a iniciarme con la composta, para obtener fertilizante organico, y utilizarlo en frutales que tengo.

    suerte. te saluda respetuosamente.

    francisco ballesteros atondo.
    hermosillo, sonora, mexico.

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