Looking for Quenepas, Spanish lime, Genips Tropical fruits?

May our Mother Nature + Climate changes (a.k.a. Global Warming) allows, this year Quenepa’s season is scheduled to start in July 2008. However, by the end of May-early June, we normally offer our clients with Pre-Sale Discounts, Shipping Discount Coupons and many times, when we harvest more fruits than orders received, we offer “Last minute” sales up to 50% off sale price.
Season for Quenepas normally last 30 to 45 days. Prices will range from $19.95 to $60.00 on fruit packages of 3, 6 and 9Lbs. To be added to our extensive list of regular fruits in season customers, please be sure to RSS this Blog, add us to your Favorites sites or Register for Free in our website www.bongosmania.com in order to be the first one to receive notification when we start pre-selling these, other fruits in season and to get discounts via e-Mail.

I believe this blog answers most of the questions we’ve been getting via email. See our Quenepas page to learn how to order and more details.

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18 thoughts on “Looking for Quenepas, Spanish lime, Genips Tropical fruits?

  1. Hola Preciosa, soy Manu de Chile. Con amigos tenemos un programa de radio que puedes escuchar en http://www.radioplaceres.cl los dias sabados de las 17:00 a las 18:00 (horario chileno) y unos blogs airepurovalparaiso.blogspot.com y airepurotaller.blogspot.com en ellos tocamos temas ambientales y compartimos muchos temas contigo , yo personalmente despues de estudiar ing ambiental y no terminar faltando unh año , me cambie a agricultura y temrino en dos años mas. En fin….. Nos gustaria que pudoeras hacer comentarios o si quieres escribir en nuestro blog respecto a quien eres y porque te preocupa el medio ambiente y que hace spor él y ais motvar mas chilenos y especialmente porteños de valparaiso. y seria ideal un dia poder habalar contigo desde la raido , eso lo tratare d eprogramar en un par de sabados mas… saludos felicidades y espeor respuesta, mi mail es narobeli@gmail.com.

  2. i would like to buy quenepas and sell them in germany. is there a way to make this business grow in germany.

    1. I don’t see how Tomas….unless you grow your own trees there. The shipping time-frame to deliver fruits to Germany is not only very costly, but it will also require a truckload of special permits to ship to an international country. Quenepas trees are tropical weather and will be killed if temperature drop under 50 F degrees.

  3. I ate some Guinepas in The Bahamas several years ago and would like to get some info on getting some trees and possibly ordering some of the fruit. I live in Central Ms. USA and would like to plant some trees if they would survive the climate, Can’t seem to find any info regarding them. Any info would be appreciated.


    1. Quenepas trees will survive in MS while the weather is warm, but it will be killed by your terrible winters. This is a very tropical fruit tree. I’m sorry 😦

      Yes, you can place your order now for Quenepas fruits 2010. Learn more
      Please be sure to check the Harvest Updates page, for weekly notification. Thank You 🙂

  4. I am no gardner by any means yet I wanted to know if I could grow a tree in my backyard in texas. Is this climate considered close to tropical?

    1. Being a gardener is a beautiful thing. If you live in TX, be sure to call your Agriculture extension office to get a list of the trees/plants you can grow in TX. In my experience, I noticed certain fruit trees can not be planted in TX or CA. What kind of tree would you like to grow?


    1. Yes, you can place your order now for Quenepas 2010. Learn more
      Please be sure to check the Harvest Updates page, for weekly notification. Thank You 🙂

    1. We are on our third week of harvest. Yes, you can purchase anytime, just don’t forget that orders placed before saturdays are shipped the following monday & tuesday. Welcome!

  6. Hello, I was wondering if the quenepas were going to be available this year (2015) and for what prices. I used to live in the USVI and was able to get them in our backyard, however now that I’m in Texas I can’t seem to find any. Any help at all would be very welcome. Thank you so much!

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