Quenepas – Spanish limes Update Jul 27, 2008

Good morning everyone

Today we’ll be harvesting our first quenepas for year 2008. So far, the weather is favorable for tree climbers to collect these owesome fruits. Sometime during the day you will receive a shipping notification saying your package was shipped. No such thing!!! We are only printing your shipping labels, which automatically sends a confirmation email to the client, but It is until we finish packing all Quenepas when we’ll know which orders are to be shipped tomorrow.

We will ship on a first placed-first paid basis.

***A friendly reminder ***

  • Discount coupon codes posted in each Ad is only good for Priority Mail shipping and not Express Mail.
  • Free samples of Quenepas are NOT to be combined with any other Quenepas purchase and is limited to new customers.

We’ll come back with more updates through out the day.

Update by the hour 19:05: Successful harvest


Bongosmania support team


5 thoughts on “Quenepas – Spanish limes Update Jul 27, 2008

  1. Yeah!!!! Thank you so much for the update. I can taste those quenepas already..yummmmy
    You all are the best and it is wonderful doing business with you. Karen

  2. hello everyone. i am leaving a comment on this blog to report that the harvesting for sat, sun and monday have been cancelled due to the hurricanes that struck the carribean islands. I spoke to Irene and she and her family are doing well but they have been without power since Labor Day. She will be keeping you updated with all the information in regards to orders and shipment dates.

  3. Richie…Thank you for forwarding this update and THANK YOU for calling me! What would I do if it wasn’t for my friends?….did I say customers? I prefer NOT to use that word customer….Friends sound better 🙂


  4. I was wondering if you had any quenepas left? I enjoyed them when I was little…stumbled onto your site,,,I know it is slim shot to none since season is over….just wondering…

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