Quenepas – Spanish limes Update August 3, 2008

Hello, Hola! 🙂

I truly hope you

Quenepas 2008. The sweetest!
Quenepas 2008. The sweetest!

are enjoying the first Quenepas-Spanish limes we harvested in 2008. Today I am lining up tomorrow’s harvest, for this Monday-Tuesday shipping.

I thought I’d let you know (if you are new customer) that the Deadline for re-ordering these awesome fruits is All Saturdays of the Month before midnight. By Sunday morning, we need to know exactly how many fruits we need to harvest, as this will give me the input on how many part-timers I need to call to help me clean up, dry, sort, pack & weight these fruits.

Thank you AGAIN for your repeated business,

Harvest & shipping update: Harvested. First batch was shipped today 8.4.08 and second tomorrow.

Note: THE SHIPPING NOTIFICATION EMAIL YOU JUST RECEIVED is because I am printing your shipping labels while the rest of the crew is harvesting fruits. There is NO mail on Sunday. To Track your package please visit the United States Post Service website: http://www.usps.com and use the Free Confirmation number you just received in today’s email. Thank You 🙂

Irene Marte


2 thoughts on “Quenepas – Spanish limes Update August 3, 2008

  1. Hola Irene, I just got my first shipment of quenepas yesterday and “OH MY GOODNESS” they are delicious and the biggest ones I have ever seen. Thanks so much for all your hard work getting those of us that are so addicted the best quenepas ever.
    Your an angel! Hugs to you and family, Karen

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