Quenepas – Spanish limes Update & TS Fay

Hello everyone,

Only if we have Electric Power we can turn our computers on. I want to apologize to everyone who visited this Blog looking for this week update on Quenepas. Due to Tropical Storm Fay passing our way this weekend, we could only harvest some fruits and not all we needed to supply all orders. Sunday harvest was partially done, then it rained all day on Monday. In the meantime, I could not reply emails for the same reason: None or too un-stable Power supply. Please be patient, I still have many emails I don’t reply.

Today, Tuesday the 19th, we will attempt to harvest the most fruits we can only to fullfil some Express Mail orders received. All others will be shipped for as long as we have enough fruits based on first paid, first to ship and by distance basis. You will know if your package left our hands this Wend if you received a shipping notification from us. If you didn’t, then you’re package will ship next Monday 25th or Tuesday 26th.

Remember always—— it rains a lot in summer time in PR. I will not risk my employees to climb these trees on rainy day, as they become too slippery and dangerous for climbers. Thank you for your understanding.

I will continue bringing updates as they come along.

Back to work.



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