You received a refund. Why?

Because Frozen foods can not be shipped Priority Mail! PLEASE, DO NOT order Frozen foods along with your Quenepas. Frozens ship Express Mail (with no exceptions) and weight is not calculated on those listing. PLEASE follow my advice; If you like to order these delicious frozens, PLEASE send me email with your wish list. I know that ordering these goods is getting far more complicated than what you’d like it to be, and I promise this will get fixed. I know have 3 sizes of shipping coolers so you can place small orders as well. This upgrade to my website will be done next month or soon after the Quenepas season is over. Purchasing frozen goods at will be as easy as it is to buy Seeds, Quenepas or anything else. Stay tuned for these updates 🙂

Thank you,

Bongosmania Support Team


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