Growing Quenepa – Spanish lime Trees germinated from seeds

Not to steal your dreams…
You bought my Quenepas (Thank You!) and now you are germinating their seeds.
Just remember that Quenepa trees take anywhere from 7 to 10 years to produce
fruits (if female) and it is then when you’ll know what their sex is.
I have spoken to several Quenepas growers and they all said the same; There
is no way of knowing if the tree is female or male until they start (or not)
producing fruits.
The only way you are guaranteed to have a female tree is with a Grafted one.
Both female & male are grafted together to self pollinize their flowers. A
grafted tree will start producing fruits in 2-3 years.
Many people have ask me; Can this tree grow in containers? I regret to
inform you “I have no idea”. Some tropical fruit trees can be contained,
such Higo, Jobo de la India, Acerola, Carambola, Guayaba, Oranges, Lemon
etc. Large trees like Quenepas, coconuts, panapen (breadfruit), pana de
pepita, ackee, guanabanas etc I simply don’t know.
If you happen to know of anybody who knows how to identify the sex of
Quenepa trees while they are small please let me know!

Grafted quenepa tree
Grafted quenepa tree
***Please check availability before purchasing any of thy tropical fruit

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