Announcing the End of 2008 Quenepas season/other Important Matters

This post will address the following issues:

  1. Announcing of 2008 quenepas end of season
  2. Communications problems between you and I
  3. New products coming up; Avocados and Pasteles en hoja
  4. Hurricane season for all of us
  5. Website troubleshoots and updates.
  6. Traveling to Dominican Republic

1) Announcing the end of 2008 quenepas season


Harvest for Sept 28 & 29 th: Canceled. Reasons explained in the following 1.5 mins video. Sorry, but fruits from large trees can not be harvested while the tree is wet or raining, so it is explained in my Quenepas/Spanish lime Ads. Thank you for your understanding,

Is this the end of season? Not yet I hope, but soon approaching. Quenepas fruits are starting to be enjoyed by our loveable friends -The birds. This is my sign that this season is almost over.

In previous years this is how I worked all quenepas sales tours the end of season:

  • Money order/Check payments were no longer accepted as payment. Sorry, but your check could arrive when the season is closed.
  • All orders (with no exception) were shipped on a first come, first paid basis.
  • No longer shipped by distance first
  • e-Checks payments (using debit cards to pay via Paypal) were subject to a full refund after payment cleared if quenepas were no longer available. It normally takes 3-5 working days for e-Checks to clear funds.

This year 2008, same procedures will be enforced.

I have no way to control Mother Nature, I’m sure you can’t either. There is no way I can guarantee I’ll have fruits to ship out within the next weeks. If you paid for your order and in the meantime fruits became out of season, these were my procedures last years:

  • You were given the option not to ask for a refund, but get a free upgrade to get more quenepas for the same price you last paid and the same shipping and handling you paid for next year’s season of quenepas. Thanks for your trust, many of you chose this option.
  • You were given the option to exchange what you already paid by some other items plus get free shipping or other free options. Thanks you to those who chose this option.
  • Ask for a full refund. Thanks for your continuous business. I am very proud to say that I finally managed to grow a group of friends (clientele) who learned to trust me. I am working very hard honest worker and now I can see the results 🙂

This year 2008, I will not be able to offer none of the above for one simple reason: I am no longer able to keep personalizing so many orders because of the constant increase in clientele. Here is how I will work 2008 quenepas fruits until the last one is harvested:

  • Again, I will ship in a first ordered, first paid basis. No exceptions. Shipments by distance first will no longer be enforced.
  • All orders need to be submited (and paid for) by every Saturday before midnight. By Sunday morning (harvest day) we need to know exactly how many fruits to harvest.
  • Small orders of Free Samples and 3 Lbs pack will no longer be available after Monday, Sept 15th.
  • Money orders or cashier’s check will not be accepted as method of payment.
  • Full refund will be given within 14 days after we ship the last good batch of fruits to those orders I couldn’t fill for reasons stated above.

2) Communications problems between you and I

Oh, you don’t know the hassle it is for me to “create” a Newsletter. Due to the increase in clientele, I have no other way to send out massive emails to everyone registered in my website.

Well… in the last 5 days I was emailed THE MOST COMPLAINTS I EVER RECEIVED in almost 7 years I’ve been in business. None of these Friends received my last newsletter explaining about how my local weather affected last week shipment of Quenepas. I have found an approx 12% or friends (customers) who probably registered in my website with the intention of placing just one order (Thank You) but never to receive a newsletter, managed to misspell their email address did not receive my lettter. This is no good.

Please people! In an event of an emergency like I had last week due to Tropical Storm Hanna, there is no way I can send individual emails! If you don’t sign up for my Newsletter, how can I contact everyone in less than 2 minutes? Don’t be afraid to sign up. Please be sure to use your real email address as this will also be the address where you’ll get your Free Delivery Confirmation number when your package ships out. We need to keep communication open and if your receive my newsletter and don’t want to hear about just delete from your Inbox.

3) New products coming up Avocados and Pasteles en hoja

Everyone associate Pasteles with Chritmas dinner…I wonder why is that? lol— This year, I’ll start pasteles pre-sale this month, same as avocados. This sale will stop by the end of November. There will be no pasteles for the month of December. Those who are now patiently waiting for me to customized orders will be emailed individually this coming week.

4) Hurricane season for all of us

I want to give a Big Thanks and a Big Hug to everyone who took 5 mins of their time to call me at home. Knowing how this Island of Puerto Rico is in the direct path of ALL Hurricanes originated in the coast of Africa, many where concerned about my safety. Thank you again for calling. The tail of Tropical Storm Hanna was the cause of many floodings specially in agriculture areas in the South West of Puerto Rico. It left several cities with no electricity, mine included. The last day I had good electricity was Sept 1, then again Sept 10th. In the meantime, the power kept coming on & off and the voltage was so low I couldn’t even turn my computers on. This is the reason why Quenepas shipment was canceled last week, and also the reason why I haven’t been contacting you as I always did. I sent a newsletter on Sept 5th but those who did not sign up or opted out my Newsletter never knew the reason why your orders were not shipped, nor why I was not able to communicate with you. This is no good. We need to keep communication open.

Yesterday, Sept 12th I spent all day following the steps of Hurricane Ike. I understand many of you have been evacuated, so now I am facing another problem. Should I ship orders to these cities that have been hit or evacuated due to Hurricane Ike?  Please let me know if you’d like me to hold your package or ship to another address. Hope you are all in good health and in a safe place. I am also hoping you have access to a computer with internet 😦

5) Website troubleshoots/Website updates.

Several issues have risen because of the payment method using Paypal. This issue will be addressed next month in October. The method of payment will be changing to direct credit/debit card payment. This means you will no longer need to use Paypal and remember “another” password. I’ll keep you posted with this update.

6) Traveling to Dominican Republic (La Hispaniola)

Sometime next month I’ll be traveling to Dominican Republic to get some Dominican Products, many listed in my store category: From Dominican Republic and Tropical Hair Products. Please send me email if you’d like me to get other items not listed in my store. Cafe Santo Domingo is back! Expected delivery to you is November 2008.

This is it folks, I think I have covered most frequent questions and concerns received via email during the time I had no electricity to run my computers equipment. I’ll be taking the rest of the day off because I need to go to a trade show. But, will be online tomorrow Sunday (harvest day) after 2:00 PM EST. Puerto Rico time.

Enjoy your weekend. Please don’t hesitate to reply this post. Thanks!


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