August 15th Update

Hello everyone,

Last Sunday the 9th, I printed several shipping labels, while my guys we harvesting the quenepas. This is why you received a delivery confirmation number via email. When they came back, these quenepas were not as sweet as previous fruits, they were more of sweet & sour. Too sour for some. I know, some customers prefer them like this, others don’t. So I decided to CANCEL this shipment until the next harvest this coming Sunday the 16th, so may Mother Nature holds the rain.

Ever since last Sunday, we’ve been having several inches of rainfall. For the same reason, whenever is cloudy or raining, my internet goes OFF. I get internet via Satellite. I was not able to send notification this shipment was canceled, nor I could update my Blog. Today, I replied some emails….until it started raining again, and again no internet access. Here I am typing at 02:11 hours taking advantage of clear sky at the moment.

Please take a minute to check the automatic email you received with your delivery confirmation number. The following list show the last 4 digits of the orders not shipped this last Mond-Tues:














Shipping labels for other orders that came in before midnight Saturday the 8th were not printed. Last 4 digits not on the list were shipped out.

As every Sunday, we’ll be harvesting quenepas again. This time from a different tree with sweeter quenepas. All pending orders will ship out this coming Mon-Tues.  Please… one more time….if you see I don’t reply emails, is because of my internet connection. We are in Hurricane Season. I can not help this. My farm is located in the country side (rural area) and only have two choices to choose internet companies: Dial up (I’m sure ya’ll say whaaaatttt) lol  or Satellite dish.

You all have my phone number in your Paypal invoice. Please do not hesitate to call me with shipping updates.

You all have a nice day,



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