Announcing the end of Quenepas season 2009

I am sure you received my last newsletter today. If you didn’t, please check your unwanted mail folder. There I explain more deeply why your orders did not shipped.

For the last 2 weeks, I have not been able to communicate with you. Deep personal problems have called all my attention, but I am back again.

Rain has also been a big problem this year. I don’t have internet when is cloudy or raining. I get internet via Satellite.

I lost all the fruits of 2 trees I had to harvest because the fruits got spoiled due to excess rainfall. I still have one more tree for this Sunday harvest.

All new and old orders will be shipped on Oct 5th and 6th, should weather allow us to harvest or your payment refunded.

Please accept my deepest apologies for not been able to communicate with you. Today is the first day I sit in front of my computer and am trying very hard to put my life & business back on their feet. Please allow me at least 24 hours to reply all emails I am sure you sent me asking the whereabouts of your shipment.

Truly yours,



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