People, people, people! Plz read!


Let me explain it ONE MORE TIME. When you register in this Blog, you are JUST REGISTERING to receive all Blog posts/harvest updates that I can post to the open Public. To register in this blog, go to and look for the link where it says Register.

Newsletter is SOMETHING ELSE. In my newsletter I give INSIDE NEWS only to friends who are interested in my fruits and Opted-In to receive these emails. To get Inside news (private communication between you and I) please take a minute to opt-in my newsletter:

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I truly hope this post help you & I clarify any confusion.

I am NOT shouting at anyone. I just need to bring everyone to just one funnel so I can provide time-sensitive information to all of you who are waiting to receive your quenepas. Internet here is 0 to none.

Thank you much for your understanding!

Mother Nature is good…very good. Wait till you taste her blessings 😉