Announcing 2017’s second harvest!

Quenepas, mamones, mamoncillos, guaya, limoncillos, genips, kenep. So many names for this just one fruit!

I’ll be back for the second round of quenepas 2017. I want to thank everyone for your awesome feedback. Honestly, this is the best season I had for a long time. Of all packages sent, only 2 arrived damaged. This is very good! Thank u guys for letting me know via email and for sending those pictures of your damaged packages. Your free replacement will be first to be shipped. If I haven’t send you invoice for just shipping & handling, I’ll do so anytime before I flight back to PR.

Let’s Rock n Roll one more time! Newsletter will follow with another Short-Sale in just a few minutes. I’ll only have 10 units at that price. Keep checking your Inbox in about one hour.

Questions? eMail me!

I’ll read you soon!

Have a blessed day,