My name is Irene. I am an Organic Gardener/Farmer. I just love the fact that most trash produced in a home, can be turned into soil amendment for fruit & vegetable plants; even trees! Some people think that Compost is a fertilizer when it is not but, when added to soil, it will create a happy medium for plants to grow faster and healthier since chemicals fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides are NOT used in 100% organic gardens/farms.  Learn more in my Youtube channel. Most videos are spoken in Spanish language, others subtitled in English. Recycling? You bet!

quenepas2017-400x358When I was living in Puerto Rico, I wanted to offer my farm’s crops to the public. And it was then when I started promoting my Quenepas, Spanish limes, Genips, Limoncillos, Mamoncillos, fruta Guaya (all the same fruit) with the sole idea to get help to feed my livestock and buy more agricultural equipment.

Fortunately or unfortunately, life doesn’t always stays the same, I went from married to single with no farm the next day. I have being struggling trying to keep up with my new life, my contacts, jobs, traveling and everything else that comes when you move from one place to the other. My grandchildren needed me here is the State of Florida.

Every summer, I travel to Puerto Rico in summer months. There, I am working on my friend quenepa’s plantation and from there I ship your fruits. Yes, these are grown Biologically. I’ll be sending a massive email to those interested in getting these fruits. Please be sure to Register to get these weekly or bi-weekly updates and promotions.

This is a very old Blog site. I started this blog to help others with my finding in Organic Agriculture. What is next?











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