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Quenepas 2016 now in season!

Hello everyone 🙂

I am about to send a Newsletter with all the details. Please make sure you register to receive all the information you need.

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Have a bless day,


Welcome back!

Hello there! I am back!

What happened? I had forgotten my login info and since I have several email accounts, I couldn’t remember my login credentials. In another words, I locked myself out of my Blog lol.

I am glad I started cleaning one of email accounts today when all of the sudden I found a notification from this website. Bingo! I found my way back! Geeez…

There’s a lot going on in this world at the moment, so I am sure I’ll find several ongoing issues to talk about including organic gardening. So, let’s see.

Big hugs to all my readers. I am very happy to be back. Thank u for standing by 🙂



Announcing last harvest!

This is it folks! Last harvest is scheduled for Sept 28, 2014. Thank you all for your support! I am very pleased to hear about your happiness when you receive your fruits. This week, I’ll be taking orders until Saturday 27th at midnight. Until quenepas 2015, good bye 🙂

Ready, set, go! Quenepas 2014!

Hello everyone!

I am very happy to announce that you can now subscribe to quenepas 2014 directly in the website where I am selling them from. Keep yourself updated by registering for free at to get daily/weekly updates (via email too) on all harvests and last minute news.

Welcome back! 🙂



Quenepas 2014 Pre-sale?

Hello everyone! Welcome to another successful year of quenepas/spanish limes. This year I will not start the pre-sale in the month of may, as I usually did in previous years. Your wait until first harvest was too long. For the last couple of years and maybe due to climate changes, the season is kind of moving tours the end of the summer and not tours the beginning as it used to be.

I will keep you updated. Please be sure to add my email to your safe list, this way you don’t miss my announcement with the link to the website where I am going to be selling these fruits from.

Your cravings will be satisfied soon. I promise 🙂


Quenepas/Spanish limes season is now extended

Yeap yeap yeap, for another 2 weeks! Please remember that I can only ship to your address in paypal. If your package is going to someone else, please make the apropiate changes on your paypal account, as I can not change address manually. Also, remember that deadline for placing orders for monday shipping is saturday before noon. Happy to see you again 🙂

Announcing End of Quenepas Season 2013

This is it folks! Only one tree left to harvest this sunday 13, 2013. Next season will be announced approx in June-July 2014. I can still take some orders for this week harvest. Please place your order before saturday 12 at noon time. Good day to you 🙂