Announcing 2017’s second harvest!

Quenepas, mamones, mamoncillos, guaya, limoncillos, genips, kenep. So many names for this just one fruit!

I’ll be back for the second round of quenepas 2017. I want to thank everyone for your awesome feedback. Honestly, this is the best season I had for a long time. Of all packages sent, only 2 arrived damaged. This is very good! Thank u guys for letting me know via email and for sending those pictures of your damaged packages. Your free replacement will be first to be shipped. If I haven’t send you invoice for just shipping & handling, I’ll do so anytime before I flight back to PR.

Let’s Rock n Roll one more time! Newsletter will follow with another Short-Sale in just a few minutes. I’ll only have 10 units at that price. Keep checking your Inbox in about one hour.

Questions? eMail me!

I’ll read you soon!

Have a blessed day,




Harvest Update 8/7/2017

Good morning everyone!

So far, we’ve being doing Excellent! I am very happy with Quenepa’s 2017 season!

Please keep those Feedback coming. You may want to attach a picture of yourself to your email (send to: I would love to let everyone know how happy you are with your delivery ūüôā

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Hey, it is not too late to get them. I do have a pending harvest for tomorrow tuesday 8th. Will you like some? email me for details!

I can not wait to hear from you! ¬†ūüôā


Bad connection

Sunny and beautiful today in Puerto Rico! It is an awesome day to go to the beach, but I have to work lol..

At this very moment fruits are getting picked up. Internet connection is 0 to none. My phone does not receive signal inside of the house. You may still text me 407.914.0299 and as soon as I get at least one line of signal I’ll reply to you.

Telephone company still working on phone/internet lines that were stolen. So far, this area is being with no internet for the last three weeks. Will be on on monday?


Our communication via telephone/internet


I google searched the robbery of internet/cable/telephone lines in Puerto Rico. The only two links I found were these:

These communication lines are also robbed in San German, Puerto Rico Rt 119 heading north from highway PR 2. For the last 13 days I have being trying to communicate with my neighbors in Hoconuco bajo with no success. This is the area where I’ll be staying starting tomorrow and for the next 10 days.

Basically, there is no internet/land line phone service/atm service at any business heading north on PR 119 tours Maricao, Puerto Rico.

This only means, I’ll be totally uncommunicated unless I look for T-Mobile signal in the mountains of San German/other areas.

Nothing new! I’ll be sending a Newsletter update in about an hour. I truly hope you are both signed up (opted-in) for both blogs post in your mailbox and also my newsletter update. Here are the links again:

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In my newsletter I’ll state how to keep communicated during this emergency. I’ll also include some instructions on what to expect in the next few days.

I’ll go write newsletter now. Laterz!


First and last 2017’s harvest?

Happy sunday everyone!

I am very happy to inform you everything is now set for first harvest on July 30th. I am sending you email with latest update  and inside News by 9:20 am today.

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I am so excited!¬†ūüôā

Please have a wonderful day

Announcing first harvest

Fruits are ready to harvest. I am just waiting for the sun to hit them a bit longer so they can concentrate more of their natural sugars. Right now they have good size but sour.

First harvest is scheduled for sunday, july 29th 2017. A second harvest may be necessary on monday 30th. Shipping days will be mon-tues-wed. Packages leaving to the west coast will ship on mon-tues just to make sure packages will arrive before saturday at noon.

More updates to come as dates get closer.

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Last Quenepas/Spanish lime update

This week and last harvest (Oct 13,14):  Scheduled

Next Season: Summer 2009

Please remember I’ll be traveling next week and during those days (5) I will have no access to Internet while in Dominican Republic. All purchases for Dominican Products and Tropicalized Dominican Hair Products will ship within 48 on my return.

Thank you again!