First and last 2017’s harvest?

Happy sunday everyone!

I am very happy to inform you everything is now set for first harvest on July 30th. I am sending you email with latest update  and inside News by 9:20 am today.

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I am so excited! 🙂

Please have a wonderful day


Good news!

Good morning everyone!

I am very happy to inform you everything is now set for first harvest on July 30th. I’ll be sending you email with Inside News within the next hour or so.

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I am so excited! 🙂

Please have a wonderful day

…on the other hand… TORNADO!

Being an Islander, I am already used to tropical storms, hurricane, power outrages, no phone/internet service warning, no water service and else! BUT, last week, I was ready to deliver an order for a customer and when I reached to my car to load the groceries, I saw these 4 girls taking pictures at the sky when I asked: What’s going on? They immediately pointed at the sky saying: That’s a tornado!!torna

I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!  I was sooooo nervous at these tornado’s forming that I quickly loaded the groceries in my car when I decided to take a second shot. torna2When I saw those loose clouds around of the wanna-be tornado funnel, I said: Time to move on! I had no chance to take the final pictures of the humongous-super-black cloud sitting right behind of the supermarket on Lake Nona, Florida. Lightnings, darkness, thunders all around that one huge black cloud. It was like there was an entire hurricane dancing right behind and on top of the supermarket!

Obviously, I had no time to TEXT the customer but I did leave voice mail her several times to let her know: I have your groceries in my car. If you don’t see me by your door in 12 mins (by GPS), call the police!

To make the story short, I ended up rushing this customer to help me unload my car. I guess due to this unexpected weather conditions, she had no signal to receive my communication.

….and then I wonder….HOW FAR IN ADVANCE CAN THE WEATHER CHANNELS (whatever their means) WARN US OF A TORNADO??





Announcing first harvest

Fruits are ready to harvest. I am just waiting for the sun to hit them a bit longer so they can concentrate more of their natural sugars. Right now they have good size but sour.

First harvest is scheduled for sunday, july 29th 2017. A second harvest may be necessary on monday 30th. Shipping days will be mon-tues-wed. Packages leaving to the west coast will ship on mon-tues just to make sure packages will arrive before saturday at noon.

More updates to come as dates get closer.

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Quenepas, Spanish Lime, Mamoncillos 2017 is here!


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Quenepas 2017 will be a True challenge to me! Ill c you soon 🙂

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Welcome back!

Hello there! I am back!

What happened? I had forgotten my login info and since I have several email accounts, I couldn’t remember my login credentials. In another words, I locked myself out of my Blog lol.

I am glad I started cleaning one of email accounts today when all of the sudden I found a notification from this website. Bingo! I found my way back! Geeez…

There’s a lot going on in this world at the moment, so I am sure I’ll find several ongoing issues to talk about including organic gardening. So, let’s see.

Big hugs to all my readers. I am very happy to be back. Thank u for standing by 🙂