Quenepa’s Q&A

Here is a FAQ I fixed with the most common questions I received this week:

  • How long will this season last?

As much I’d like to know, there is no way I can pin point an exact day for last harvest. In previous years, we started pre-selling Quenepas in May for June shipping. Last year I believed we started harvesting the first or second week of July and shipped last fruits the first week of September. This year, and due to probably these horrible climate changes, we couldn’t harvest for the first time until Jul 27 and  28, 2008. For the reason noted below (see next question) I can not tell if this season will last 2 weeks, 3, 4?. It is warm, too warm now, too much rain. All these factors make the fruits ripe much faster on the trees.

  • How do Climate changes or Global warming affect the crops?

I am no scientist, but I can tell you this much. Since I remember, this was the colder winter we had in the mountains of San German, Puerto Rico. Tropical fruit trees that need the warmth to flower for next season crop, were so cold that I can easily say fruit production for summer 2008 were minimized by 35%. I remember how in previous years we picked so many Mangos, Guanabanas (soursops), Jobo de la india fruits…and this year I only ate 7 mangos off from three trees I have in my farm. Climate do affect fruit crops, so it does rain and wind.

  • Do I really need to pay for Express Mail shipping?

I will leave that to your discretion. Shipping from PR to California and Texas is taking 2 & 3 days via Priority mail, but it can take up to 5 working days according to the United States Postal Service rules. I have no control over the shipping speed the post office uses. Please note that paying for Express Mail shipping does not mean your package will be shipped next day. We ship on first ordered, first paid and by distance basis. So packages leaving from Puerto Rico to the west coast are dispatched on Mondays or Tuesdays and up to Wednesday or Thursday if you leave on the East Coast of USA or choose Express mail as your shipping method. And while at this subject: Note that shipping discount codes listed in each Quenepa Ad, is valid for Priority Mail shipping and NOT Express.

  • How do I store Quenepas?

In the same paper bags your quenepas are shipped! Just place them in your refrigerator’s bottom drawer with bag and all or remove from the bag and wrap in a moist towel (not wet) to keep in a dry cool place where it receives air. IE: on the kitchen counter, on the table etc.

  • At the same time I ordered these Quenepas I ordered some frozen goods (alcapurrias, rellenos, pasteles etc) but my order was canceled?

Only part of your order was canceled and refunded.  Frozen goods can not be shipped via Priority Mail without the risk of you getting spoiled food that can easily make you sick. Please Contact Me so I can send you details on how to order Frozen items. I can only ship Frozen foods via Express Mail.

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2 thoughts on “Quenepa’s Q&A

    1. Good question….. I don’t see anybody saving good tasty pulpy quenepas after they receive them 😉
      but just in case…maybe a week? I don’t know 😦

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