Quenepas 2014 Pre-sale?

Hello everyone! Welcome to another successful year of quenepas/spanish limes. This year I will not start the pre-sale in the month of may, as I usually did in previous years. Your wait until first harvest was too long. For the last couple of years and maybe due to climate changes, the season is kind of moving tours the end of the summer and not tours the beginning as it used to be.

I will keep you updated. Please be sure to add my email to your safe list, this way you don’t miss my announcement with the link to the website where I am going to be selling these fruits from.

Your cravings will be satisfied soon. I promise 🙂




Quenepas 2009 are now ready for shipping!

Quenepas – Spanish Lime – Genips Sale!*

Other names: Limoncillo, Mamoncillo, Mamones, Kenip, Spanish Limes, Chenet, Genip and Honeyberry.

Quenepas 2009. The time has come!


Quenepa fruit has a tight and thin but rigid layer of skin, traditionally cracked by the teeth. Below that is the tart, tangy yellow pulp of the fruit. Each Quenepa fruit has a large seed inside of about the same size of the outer skin, the same ovoid shape as the fruit itself. Quenepa seeds can be roasted and eaten just like sunflower seeds. Oh yes! You can suck on Quenepas for hours! —

Announcing 2009 Sale!

We are starting our first harvest on 7/26/2009!

…and the last harvest? Sorry, we don’t know this.



Quenepa trees bloom in hurricane season, summer time in Puerto Rico. Shipping of your order may be delayed due to weather conditions on harvest day. We harvest on Sundays for Monday shipping and Mondays for Tuesday shipping. These trees are IMPOSSIBLE to climb while is raining, as they can be as tall as 80 feet and become super-slippery with the rain. We only ship these fruits on Mondays and Tuesdays (and up to Thursday via Express Mail) to prevent any possible spoilage while the post office is closed on weekends. Last year we did pretty good shipping Quenepas via Priority mail, this year we expect the same. But, Priority can take anywhere from 2-5 working days to deliver. If your package takes more than 3 days in transit, we will not be able to guarantee fresh fruit delivery. This seller will make sure to add some extra quenepas to Priority Mail shipping, to replace possible spoiled ones upon delivery of your package. Last year (2008), we had zero (0) spoilage casualties via Priority Mail.


Wrap in a moist cloth towel or brown paper and refrigerate in lower drawer where you keep your vegetables in your refrigerator.


We can not ship to APO/FPO located outside USA or any International Countries, due to International Customs regulations.


To expedite the handling of your order, we usually print all shipping labels on non-harvest days, so that shipping notification email you received, will NOT be the day we actually shipped your package. We highly recommend everyone to Track Your Package with the Delivery Confirmation Number you received by email, this way you can more or less know when to have someone over 18 years old waiting for your package at home.

Perishable products like this SHOULD NOT be left at the post office for later pick up or outside under the sun.


Prio It is of our very best intention and interest, to keep communications open between you and I. However, how can we communicate with you if our emails end up in your unwanted mail folder? a.k.a. Junk folder?

Please be sure to add our email address to your Safe list!

Please Contact us with any questions prior to ordering.


Thank you for your purchase!

Quenepas – Spanish limes Update August 3, 2008

Hello, Hola! 🙂

I truly hope you

Quenepas 2008. The sweetest!
Quenepas 2008. The sweetest!

are enjoying the first Quenepas-Spanish limes we harvested in 2008. Today I am lining up tomorrow’s harvest, for this Monday-Tuesday shipping.

I thought I’d let you know (if you are new customer) that the Deadline for re-ordering these awesome fruits is All Saturdays of the Month before midnight. By Sunday morning, we need to know exactly how many fruits we need to harvest, as this will give me the input on how many part-timers I need to call to help me clean up, dry, sort, pack & weight these fruits.

Thank you AGAIN for your repeated business,

Harvest & shipping update: Harvested. First batch was shipped today 8.4.08 and second tomorrow.

Note: THE SHIPPING NOTIFICATION EMAIL YOU JUST RECEIVED is because I am printing your shipping labels while the rest of the crew is harvesting fruits. There is NO mail on Sunday. To Track your package please visit the United States Post Service website: http://www.usps.com and use the Free Confirmation number you just received in today’s email. Thank You 🙂

Irene Marte

Quenepas – Spanish limes Update Jul 27, 2008

Good morning everyone

Today we’ll be harvesting our first quenepas for year 2008. So far, the weather is favorable for tree climbers to collect these owesome fruits. Sometime during the day you will receive a shipping notification saying your package was shipped. No such thing!!! We are only printing your shipping labels, which automatically sends a confirmation email to the client, but It is until we finish packing all Quenepas when we’ll know which orders are to be shipped tomorrow.

We will ship on a first placed-first paid basis.

***A friendly reminder ***

  • Discount coupon codes posted in each Ad is only good for Priority Mail shipping and not Express Mail.
  • Free samples of Quenepas are NOT to be combined with any other Quenepas purchase and is limited to new customers.

We’ll come back with more updates through out the day.

Update by the hour 19:05: Successful harvest


Bongosmania support team